Getting Married


You’ve made the decision to get married

This is a beautiful and exciting time in your life although it can be overwhelming.

Why not celebrate it in one of the many beautiful Venues in Brisbane’s Bayside.

Here is some information about the steps to take when planning your marriage ceremony that will hopefully make the process a little easier for you both.

When thinking about your wedding ceremony, think about things such as:

  • What music would you like played?
  • Who would you like to be involved on the day e.g. to do a reading, to sing a meaningful song etc?
  • Would you like to exchange rings?
  • What customs or traditions would you like to include?
  • Will you have a bridal party?
  • Who will walk the bride down the aisle (if anyone)?
  • Would you like to write your own vows?



Let’s Discuss Your Booking

Sign the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)

The NOIM must be signed at least one month before you plan to be married. This must be signed in the presence of a witness, normally your Celebrant. Please note that you can find a link to this form on my Forms & Links page. Your celebrant will keep the signed documents along with copies of your Birth Certificate and/or Passport or Driver’s License, depending on your situation. Your celebrant should discuss what forms of identification you need to bring to your initial meeting.


Discuss the ceremony

Once the NOIM is signed, this is a good time to discuss your ideas and thoughts regarding the marriage ceremony. Your celebrant should also give you some ideas about different traditions and customs that can be incorporated, along with explaining the general order of ceremony. (Please note: As part of the Marriage Celebrant Code of Practice, your celebrant should give you a pamphlet called “Happily Ever Before and After” which talks about marriage and marriage counselling. Your celebrant should also provide you with the name of three marriage counsellors in your area.).

Finalise the ceremony

Once your celebrant has written the ‘script’ based on your discussions, they will send you the draft marriage ‘script which you can then comment on or make changes to.

Pay the outstanding amount

Pay the balance of your celebrant’s fee. This normally takes place approximately one month prior to the wedding.



Sign the Declaration

You must both sign a declaration stating that there is nothing impending your marriage. This must be done before the marriage ceremony begins.

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Additional Information

Here are some PDF links that you may find useful

For Bridal Dance Lessons – Contact Kylie at Planet Ballroom 

Official Certificate of Marriage

BDM Form Marriage Extract


Happily Ever Before & After

Declaration of no legal impediment to marriage

ABN Registration Number